About T.G.S

T and S Global Solutions, Inc. or T.G.S., Inc. is a Japanese-owned company in the Philippines specializing in CNC laser cutting and custom metal fabrication. Having started operations in the country only in 2005, the company appears to be relatively young. Its mother company in Japan, T&S, Inc., however, has been around for two decades and has been developing hardware innovations to keep improving the efficiency of their processes and the quality of their services–something their customers never fail to notice and appreciate.

Now T.G.S., Inc. brings that same commitment to the Philippines. With the ongoing manufacturing and design advances, we can provide companies that have laser cutting as part of their manufacturing processes with a clear solution that fulfills the universal demand for high quality, precision, and cost efficiency.

Full Support

We support you in the two levels of the manufacturing process — prototyping and mass production.